The Wavy Company

What drives us? Unrelenting passion for originality. 
We strive to create new ways for each and every one of us to express their own uniqueness. No two people are the same. Our products are designed with care and attention to every detail, so as to uphold high quality standards and deliver the most most creative looks. We strive for our craft to be your expression.

Who are we?  Our company was born in 2021, in the European Union (Portugal), with an idea and a dream. We want to produce new ways for you to perceive traditional products, providing you with creative new means of expression without any concessions to quality or function. Through expert crafting and utilizing only the best materials that the latest technology has to offer, our pieces are distinct elements that will bring a personal touch of your own creativity to any space.

Our offices
The Wavy Company Lda,
Impasse Pero Vaz de Caminha, Lote 158
Armazem A, Linho
2710-297 Sintra
European Union

Email: support@thewavycompany.com