Extended Warranty (6 months)

Extended Warranty (6 months)




Protect Your Wavy Product

If your product is faulty, damaged during delivery or if there is an error in your order, we'll reship a new product at no additional cost, within 6 months of delivery.

One warranty covers one exchange/refund for one product.

What does the extended warranty cover?


Damage during delivery

product errors


What does the extended warranty not cover?

Accidental damages

Damage with intent 


How to make a claim?

Email Us: support@thewavycompany.com

With proof of purchase of your extended warranty

A picture of your product either faulty, damaged, or errors.

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The New Best Way to Enjoy Your Drink.

Resistant and lightweight, the Wavy Mug is made from High-Quality Borossilicate Glass. Compact and easy to handle. Our premium build quality makes the Wavy Mug into the perfect gift.

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Never Too Hot To Touch

The double-walled design means that no matter how hot your drink is, it is never too hot to touch on the outside.

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Carefully Designed

Choose from a variety of different styles for coffee, soft drinks and cocktails. Default size is 300 ml. Please note some special edition mugs have different sizes, as indicated in the product description.

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Keep Your Drink At The Right Temperature

The double layer design makes it possible to isolate your drink from the outside temperature for much longer than a regular glass. Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold.

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Free Tracked Shipping

Order today for free worldwide tracked shipping. Estimated delivery time is 5-15 days and all mugs are carefully packed in individual boxes.